Why choose a massage oil, gel, lotion or cream, and what’s the difference?

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Massage Oils

Massage oils tend to be the most popular option for massage therapists, and they come from a variety of sources and have different characteristics. They can be neutral or pleasantly scented, and they can also be combined with other ingredients for a more personalised massage. L’Herbier’s Lavandine Oil, for example, showcases lavender’s lovely scent and therapeutic properties, and Bon Vital’s very light smelling coconut oil can be a great carrier base for essential oils.

Different pure oils also serve different purposes, and have different health benefits. Coconut oil is now experiencing a great surge in public interest, and it can seemingly do just about anything: hydrate the skin, repair damaged hair, and soothe skin irritations and razor burn. L’Herbier’s Rice Bran Oil, on the other hand, does not have the same potential to trigger allergies.

Massage oils are usually the purest, simplest products: you will usually be able to count the ingredients of these products on your fingers.

Massage Gels

Gels, on the other hand, are a bit more complex. They offer the same great glide as oil, and they’re almost always designed for their ability to leave the skin feeling softer, cleaner and healthier.

Many gels are designed for particular therapeutic purposes, like Bon Vital’ Muscle Therapy Massage Gel and L’Herbier’s Biogel Detox. They both feature carefully chosen essential oils and other ingredients, which enhance both of these gels’ ability to treat different conditions.

Gels are a fantastic option for massage therapists who find that oil leaves their skin feeling unpleasantly greasy – and they make it so much easier to clean your massage table sheets!

Massage Lotions

Lotions are thicker than gels, but not as thick as creams. Like creams, they’re usually designed to deeply nourish the skin, but their silky and fluid consistency makes them more appropriate for frequent use. Versatile, they can be used both for full body and localised massage.

Bon Vital’s massage lotions are a perfect in-between for people who can’t decide between creams and gels. Their Organica Lotion is fantastic for massage, but it can also be carried around as a hand moisturizer for those dry winter days.

Massage Creams

While creams are often overlooked by massage therapists, they’re particularly suited for casual or personal use. Deeply hydrating and nourishing, they’re well adapted to foot and face massages, as well as for dry, cracked skin: L’Herbier’s Foot Massage Cream is a perfect example of one of these more targeted massage creams.

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