What types of cupping sets and massage oils are suitable for cupping massage?

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We’ve already referenced plastic and silicone cups, as well as gels, oils, creams, lotions and balms; here we’ll explain which ones to choose based on your needs.


Lierre-silicone-cupping-therapy-clear-silicone-massage-cupping- set

Lierre Clear Silicone Cup Set 4pcs

The first thing you’ll need to consider for cups is the area you wish to treat. If you’re looking at large muscle groups

such as thighs and backs, you’ll need larger cups, while you’ll need small cups for smaller muscle groups and for more specific treatments, such as trigger point massage. There are also specific cups for facial massage, which can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles. If your treatments are varied, or if you’re thinking of giving whole body massages, a complete set of cups is a great, affordable option.

When considering the type of material for cups, it’s best to consider the type of treatment you wish to offer: for self treatment, for example, plastic cups with a hand pump and connecting tubes will allow you to access areas of your back that are much more difficult to treat with silicone cups. For traditional massage, silicone cups are often the preferred option, since they’re intuitive to use, flexible, and relatively easier to move across the skin smoothly. For trigger point therapies, or techniques that otherwise require a great deal of finesse, plastic cups with rotating handles will allow the practitioner to control the degree of suction with increased precision; however, they can be more cumbersome to move across the skin in a fluid motion.

Both silicone and plastic cups have quite a few advantages over traditional fire cups: they’re easily portable, much safer and more intuitive to use.

Massage oils, creams, gels, balms, and lotions


Lierre Massage Oil, Gel, Lotion

While all of these types of lubricants are well suited for cupping massage, choosing one can also involve quite a bit of consideration. Balms, for example, often are great for the skin and conceived for particular therapeutic needs, but they can be inconvenient for massage therapists with a great volume of clients, since they take longer to dissolve, and they need to be warmed before use. Lotions and creams are similar to balms in that they’re usually designed to deeply nourish and hydrate the skin, and some of them also help with muscle pain. Oils and gels are a more traditional choice, available in a great variety of types, and they offer the best glide.

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