What is the alternative of glass cups for cupping therapies?

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Cupping, one of the most well-know Traditional Chinese Alternative medicines. Cupping therapy seems not hard to practice. Practitioner usually place vacuum cups on skin to suck the skin and tissues to create a bump. By using cupping treatment, it will enhance the blood flow in order to accelerate healing process. Cupping is really useful for people who suffer from various problems including frozen shoulder, muscle pain, omarthrity, etc..

There are several different methods for using cupping. Acupuncturists will use cupping accompany with acupuncture treatment. Massage therapists will use cupping accompany with massage therapies. The most common use of cupping is fixed cupping and moving cupping.

  • Fixed Cupping
    • Cups are left on skin for several minutes without moving.
  • Moving Cupping
    • Cups are sliding on the skin with massage oils or lotions applied on the skin.

Both methods are very popular among cupping therapy.

For fixed cupping, therapists tend to choose transparent cups with strong suction level and can be left on skin without falling. For moving cupping, therapists will prefer cups with smooth edge which can be moved easily on skin.


Lierre Pump ‘N Cup Glass Set

  1. On the one hand, glass cups are considered good choices by some therapists. First of all, it is transparent. Second, it is safe with fire cupping therapy. And usually, experienced therapists think glass cups with fire cupping can better treat the problems which patients have.
  2. On the other hand, glass cups are considered inconvenient and dangerous. It is inconvenient to bring with because glass cups are heavy and easy to break. It is dangerous for people without experiences and training to use because there are fire and alcohol involved in fire cupping.

Do we have other options others transparent glass cups?

lierre-cupping-therapy-clear-silicone-massage-cupping- set

Lierre Clear Silicone Cups

Yes, of course we do. Silicone cups!

Silicone cup is one of the most popular tools for cupping therapies. Many massage therapists like to use silicone cups to do moving cupping therapies on their clients. Silicone cups are easy to use without fire and alcohol. At the same time, most of the clear silicone cups will make it easy for therapists to observe the situation of the cupping area. It is very important for therapists with their first time clients because they do not need to move cups and use fire and alcohol to create vacuum over and over again. All they need is press the silicone cups and create a vacuum situation inside the cups. Apart from that, therapists can adjust the cupping level easily by release some air into the cups.

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  • Caroline
    Posted at 13:43h, 26 April

    Silicone cupping sets sounds really good. I would like to know more about silicone cupping sets. How can I better use it? Does it has the exact same effects as glass cups?