What are the different kinds of massage table available on the market?

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A massage table is widely used by massage therapists or acupuncturists to help client to have a right posture to receive services. Majority of them are produced based on client comfort and therapist ergonomics. A typical table has an easily cleaned, heavily padded surface, and a face cradle that allows the client to breathe easily while lying face down.

Without a proper and conformable massage table, even the most skillfully practitioner cannot exercise effective therapies to clients.

Place for using massage table:

Acupuncture clinic, Massage clinic, Beauty salon, Physiotherapy clinic, SPA, etc.. The unique design of the massage table helps client positioning their body at the right posture during the therapies.

Material of massage tables:

Usually there are several types of massage table frames including wood, stainless steel and aluminum. Wooden frame cost is relatively high, followed by aluminum and stainless steel frame.

While the metal framework is relatively affordable and reliable, the disadvantage is that after a certain period of long time using, the paint will fall off sometimes. Stainless steel and aluminum frame massage tables are recommended for using in a high humidity place such as sauna rooms. It will not get rusty very easily even in a really high humidity environment.

Wooden framework massage table such as stationary tables have higher reliability. It could give client feeling of luxury experiences. The appearance of the table is better than stainless steel and aluminum. In addition, wood is softer than metals. In the term of environment friendly, produce metal will create pollution and waste a lot of material. Wooden frame massage table is more environmental friendly. However, it does cost more to produce a wooden framework massage table, therefore the price is much higher than metal framework tables. Lierre provide the wood framework massage table at a more affordable price along with great quality.

The role of massage table:

Shiatsu massage, Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Facial, etc..

Apart from these factors of the massage table, there are more things to consider when you choose your massage table.

The foam thickness and composition of a table

The ideal foam density and depth for a table is really depend on the type of treatment on the table. But the basic rule is therapist would not like the client to be pressed in to the couch and feel the framework through the foam. Clients will feel uncomfortable.


While most tables on the market are adjustable, therapist do not have to speed too much time on consider and measure their height in different therapies. An adjustable massage table could help you save time and energy on considering height problem.

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