Three reasons you need a silicone make-up sponge in your life

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Ever since they’ve been released, our silicone make-up sponges have been getting rave reviews from bloggers, make-up artists and amateurs alike! It’s no wonder: inexpensive, small and practical, these sponges are total game-changers.

We’ve listed three of these sponges’ greatest advantages.

Less waste
Since they don’t absorb any product, you have to use a lot less to get a lot more coverage. It also means you can buy better quality products in smaller quantities – for the same overall price!

Our silicone makeup sponges can theoretically last years and years. If they’re properly used and aren’t exposed to scratches, they can be completely cleaned until they’re essentially brand new. These sponges are therefore both wallet and environment friendly!

Less bacteria
It might seem like a well kept secret, but regular makeup sponges are gross. Bacteria gets trapped in their crevices, and make-up residues eventually go rancid, ensuring that you can only keep them for around a week before they start seriously threatening your face’s fragile ecosystem. Using a clean silicone makeup sponge instead can help prevent break-outs!

Better, smoother coverage
Though there is a learning curve, our silicone sponge can ultimately help you achieve smoother transitions, and more even coverage. Since this sponge is pressed into the face, rather than dragged, it spreads products across the skin smoothly, without leaving any visible edges.

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