Smokeless Needle Moxa from Lierre Canada

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This smoke-free needle moxa is designed to be affixed and lit on the top of an acupuncture needle handle. It transports heat through the needle into the acupuncture point and improves circulation Qi. Smokeless and odourless, the needle moxa is easy to use and burns for eight to ten minutes.

Use ONLY with metal handle acupuncture needles


  • Cone shape: Outer Diameter: 10mm Height: 15mm.
  • Inner hole in center (max): 3.5 mm; Depth: 9mm
  • Burn time: approximately 8-10 minutes per cone
  • 100pcs/bag

Lierre carries both new and traditional forms of moxa and moxa accessories. You’ll find aged golden moxa, tiger warmers, and a series of different types of moxa sticks, both scented and unscented, smokeless and with smoke. Our accessories include lion warmers, moxa plates, moxa extinguishers, moxa needle caps, moxa spoons, moxa lighters and cleaning brushes.

Lierre stocks lion and tiger warmers, cone needles, scoops, torches and even more moxa accessories. These durable accessories will last you decades of solid practice – just the thing you can trust for your moxibustion treatments.

Used for indirect moxibustion treatments, Lierre’s stick-on moxa products are reliable and easy to use­. You’ll find both the moxa itself and the accessories you’ll need for these treatments in our inventory!

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