Show Me – Don’t Tell Me

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Showing love to a husband, fiancé or boyfriend speaks louder than the words “I love you”. While some people like to hear the words, it means a greater deal when a person shows it. However, certain occasions or certain reasons may cause a partner to want to show love with a greater gesture. For instance, Father’s Day or a birthday are good days to show a man what he means to the family and how much the family appreciates him.

A surprise trip to a desired location is an excellent way to show a man what he means to the family. Slowly decide the details ahead of time. For instance, begin looking into flights and tuck away money here and there. Slowly putting money to the side provides a way of having the necessary funds for the trip without tipping off a partner about the trip. Credit cards can provide another option to funding provided that they can be paid off within the month.

Pampering is also a good way to show love to a boyfriend, fiance or husband. Get some massage oil from a massage store (boutique de massage) or invest in massage tables Toronto to provide a head to toe massage. Take a massage class or research tips on the Internet. A partner will appreciate the special effort given to make them happy.

There are many ways to show love to a partner. It needn’t be anything extravagant. It could be as simple as bringing them coffee while they’re still lying in bed. Love is all about action. Do something today.

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