Ratio of quality to price of massage tables

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When professional therapists decide to choose a massage table/massage bed, most of them would have a budget for their tables.  They would like to have the best table they can have from the market within their scope of budget.

But the question is how to get the most suitable budget and best quality for a massage table?

There is no doubt that paying a little extra for something will make a huge difference at a moment in the future. For example, pay $100 more for an aluminum frame to reduce the weight of portable massage table will save a lot of efforts of a therapist. Paying a little more for a warranty would help therapists a lot if there is problems happen in a short term.

In order to help therapists decide the best budget for a suitable massage table to meet their requirements, we divided the massage table into three different types.

However, all the massage tables we discuss here are great quality professional tables for therapists to use for a long period. It is worthless to discuss low quality massage tables under $100 that you can find on ebay because we believe therapists are looking for massage tables to help with their professional practices instead of just a bed for patients to lie on. The price range we are discussing here are the portable massage table with 28” which is the most commonly used type by therapists.


Lierre 28″ Eco Solution portable massage table

Type 1: Functional massage table with low budget

Functional massage table are usually around $200 after tax. It is usually looks like the picture on the right. This massage table does not include lots of accessories because of the budget. It comes with breath hole with filler. It also has a table case which can help protect the massage table during transportation.  And you can always purchase other accessories to improve this table.

A breath hole sometimes will be more suitable than a face cradle because it is easier for therapists to apply pressure on patients head. And patients who have sinusitis symptoms are more comfortable with this breath hole.


Type 2: Entry level massage table

An entry level massage table is very similar to the functional massage table but with


Lierre Classic 28″ massage table

more table accessories such as arm sling, arm rest and face cradles. Arm sling and arm rest will give patients more comfortable experiences.

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