Investing in the right high quality equipment makes good business sense for massage therapists

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Massage therapy is a growing industry; certified technicians can earn a significant income if they are skilled and work hard. A certified massage therapist, or masseuse, needs the right equipment to make the experience is comfortable for the customer. For a masseuse that makes house calls, a portable table that is comfortable and sturdy is essential. For therapists that work in a clinic, stationary tables are a better choice.

Massage Therapy Investing In The Highest Quality Equipment Is Good Business Sense For Massage Therapists

Tables are not the only equipment a masseuse uses. Massage supplies (Accessoires de massage) includes massage oils, aromatherapy, bolsters, sheets, pillows, music and more. The patient should be as comfortable as possible for the therapy to work efficiently. is an example of a massage therapy equipment supplier. Their inventory includes stationary, multi-positional and portable tables. Some stationary models are equipped with electronic lifts for heavy patients. Multi-positional tables may also be electronically moved to suit the masseuse and patient’s needs. Such positions include seated, reclining and lying down with the legs raised.

For shiatsu massage, lightweight and portable floor mats are used. The material is durable and is easily cleaned with a damp soft cloth and mild soap. Investing in quality equipment and accessories will encourage repeat business; satisfied customers will help build a larger client base. The successful masseuse will invest in the highest quality equipment and accessories for his or her business.

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