How to reduce the weight of your massage table?

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Apart from height and width of the massage table, other important thing is the weight of the massage tables. Carrying weight is a very important element especially for mobility therapists. Mobility therapists will do a lot of mobile treatments and will be carrying the table frequently. Therefore, a lightweight portable massage table is one of the most important factors to be taken into consideration.

There is other weight to be considered as an important factor-working weight. Working weight is the amount of weight the massage table itself can bear during the treatments. The weight of clients and any bolsters or accessories will be on the massage table.

Usually, the carrying weight of massage tables are from 22lb to 46lb depends on table design and materials used for the table. For example, a wood table with an apron will be much heavier than an aluminium frame massage table without aprons.

In order to reduce the carrying weight of the massage table, you would like to choose a table as simple as possible. However, there are some essential parts you cannot take it off the tables. In addition, you would like to have table with a high working weight as well.


Aluminum table 26 inches package

Under this situation, there are still some tips to reduce the carrying weight of a massage table:

  1. Choose an aluminium frame massage table instead of wood frame massage table
  2. Choose a massage table without a lifting backrest, as the lifting mechanism adds up to 6 lbs.
  3. Choose a smaller dimension massage table, such as a 26 inch massage table.

Although here are three methods to reduce the carrying weight of the massage table, most of the time, mobility therapists still prefer a standard size massage table with a lifting backrest. So the most practical method is to choose an aluminium frame massage table. An aluminium table may cost you an extra $100, but the most important thing is that the life time is longer and it can be placed very easily at a lot of places. Having a light aluminium frame massage table seems cost you a little more now, but over the long run, it is a worthwhile investment. And aluminium tables are very comfortable as well.

In some cases, a mobility therapist needs a lifting backrest for some of his/her patients. In this situation, you can overcome the difference in weight and purchase a massage table trolley cart.

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