How to have a more stable massage table?

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One of the essential parts of the massage table is the cable system. It is the key support part of a portable massage table. A good massage table would stay for a long period while still strong and stable. Cable system plays an important role in retaining table strength during therapies. Apart from that, it also helps with preventing massage tables shaking or moving backward or forward. A great cable system will lead to a much more peaceful and quiet treatment experience for your clients.

What is the cable system of a massage table?

Cable system is not only the connections of different parts of a massage table. The design of the legs, connections and support material all work together to make massage tables stands stable. This design and the materials are commonly named as the “cable system” of a massage table.

Right now on the market, there are several options that you can find for cable system. Different cable systems will have different benefits.

Cradle Lock Cable System

By using holes and cable at specific connecting places, Cradle Lock Cable System allows therapists to prepare the table within one minute. It is also very easy to disconnect the massage table. Cradle Lock Cable System is a popular


Lierre Tilt Massage Table

design on entry level massage tables.  Since there is no other assembly required.

Tensor cable support system

Tensor cable support system may need a bit more effort into assembling. However, it will provide the best support for massage tables.

Pin-lock cable system

Using pins at different places to lock the massage table. However, sometimes it is difficult to lower yourself under the massage table to reach the pins.

If you are a practitioner sometimes will need to practice Reiki or Shiatsu treatments. It is better for you to choose a massage table with a cable system allows you to have Reiki Option and Shiatsu Release Option.

In conclusion, cable support system is very important for a portable massage table. If you ever would like to choose a portable massage table (French: Tables de massage portatives), it is one of the essential parts which worth to put investment in.

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  • Lulu Dao
    Posted at 10:37h, 11 April

    Cable system usually is important for portable massage tables. Investment in a strong table will definitely help you in long term.