How to choose the right massage table?

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There are so many massage tables available on the market. Which one is the most suitable for you? What are you looking for the tables? Where you could find them? We would like to tell you all!

Your requirements for the massage table

As all of us known, there are plenty of massage tables available on the market. Most of them looks very similar to each other? What is the real differences between them? What factors should you look at when you choose a massage table? Should you purchase the same one as you use in school or in other clinics?

The very first thing you should know about is what is your main purposes of using the massage table? In other words, what is your profession when you use a massage table? Are you an acupuncturist, a massage therapist, a shitusa therapist, a reiki therapist, a physiotherapist, an osteopath, a spa or a salon professional?

This is the very first thing for you to consider when you choose your table. Because different tables have different functions, and you have to know what is your requirements for your professional practices?

For example, massage therapists need to have access to all different parts of the patients. That is to say, they have to choose a narrow a table. Acupuncturists do not have to get access to patients whole body, they can choose a wider table in order to maximise patients’ comfort. At the same time, Shitusa therapists require shitusa futon instead of massage tables. Beauty or salon professionals would have to get a table which clients could sit up and have consultation with them.

These are the most important factors-your requirements of the massage tables.


Who are your clients/patients?

After consider your professional practices. It is time to consider your patients and clients. Because the table is for them to lie down and accept treatments. Most of the time, they may have to lie on the table for at least 30 minutes. You would like to achieve maximum comfort for them while they are lying on the table. You do not want to your clients leave with a lot of complaints about your table, right?

If your clients are elder people, it is better for you to have a table which can be lower down for them to get on the table easier. At the same time, the table could be adjusted higher for you to do the practice as well.

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