H.L Seo Won Acupuncture Needles (Spring Handle) from Lierre Canada

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The H.L. Seo Won brand produces high quality acupuncture needles made of surgical grade stainless steel. Their spring styles handle range from 20 to 25 millimetres, based on the size of the needles, and they are both comfortable to hold and easy to manipulate.

Lierre Medical H.L Seo Won Acupuncture Needles (Spring Handle) 36*1.5'' (0.20*40mm)

H.L Seo Won Acupuncture Needles (Spring Handle)

Each package includes 10 needles and one insertion tube, enabling practitioners to use them more quickly and effectively while remaining environmentally friendly by producing less waste.

Automatic needle tips sharpening technology ensures the highest consistency and performance of all needle tips. This procedure guarantees that H.L Seo Won acupuncture needles can be inserted smoothly and almost painlessly into the skin.

  • Smooth and nearly painless insertion
  • Spring handle 20-25 mm
  • One package and one guide tube for every 10 needles

Lierre offers different types of acupuncture needles of acupuncture needles for sale, but always of the highest quality;even our uncoated acupuncture needles such as Zagu have an incredibly smooth and almost painless insertion.

We offer free shipping on orders over 69$ if you want to buy acupuncture needles from Vancouver or acupuncture needles from Toronto.

Acupuncture needles are the most important instrument in your practice. Lierre’s selection includes silicone coated and non-coated needles, spring and copper-wound needles, Korean and Chinese needles, as well as a variety of specialized needles, including extra long needles and lancets. We aim to respond to the needs of every type of practitioner! Our acupuncture needles respond to the highest standards of manufacturing, and have met approval from the FDA, CAMDAS and CE norms.

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