Geranium Bourbon Organic Essential Oil from DIVINE ESSENCE

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The Geranium bourbon is the archetypal, ideal cosmetic oil for the skincare, because it regenerates, protects and firms up the skin. Mix it in a neutral balm, gel or oil to use it in an anticellulite, antiaging treatment. Diffuse a few drops of this essential oil to create a lovely atmosphere; however, as it can become unpleasant in high concentrations, be careful to only use a small amount. Geranium pairs well with other floral scents. 

Lierre medical Geranium Bourbon Organic Essential Oil 15ml,DIVINE ESSENCE

Geranium Bourbon Organic Essential Oil 15ml,DIVINE ESSENCE

Lierre offers only the finest quality of organic, fair trade essential oils from the Divine Essence lines. Our essential oils are selected for their therapeutic qualities as well as their outstanding scents, and we aim to accomodate massotherapists and aromatherapy enthusiasts alike.These essential oils can be diffused, poured into a foaming bath, integrated into a wide variety of skin care and massage products, and even mixed into wax to create scented candles – the possibilities are inexhaustible!

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