Entry knowledge of cupping therapy

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  1. What is cupping?

Cupping is an ancient Chinese practice that uses suction cups to lift fascia and muscles, easing tensions, and that temporarily increases blood circulation. There are lots of cupping techniques, but the most prominent ones are stationary cupping, where the cups are left on the skin; cupping massage, where they are soothingly glided across the skin; and flash cupping, where they’re quickly removed then moved to another area. Also of note is the difference between wet cupping, where an incision is made in the skin prior to placing a cup, and dry cupping, where it is not; dry cupping is vastly more popular than wet cupping in the West. Of course, these techniques can all be used in the same treatment. During cupping therapy, tissues, muscles and skin will be pulled upward: this motion is in a way inverse to a massage, but creates a similar effect.

  1. What types of cups are used in cupping therapy?

A therapist can use various kinds of cups to create suction and the most widely used cups are made of glass, plastic and silicone.

  • Glass cups 

    Glass cups

Glass cups are the most commonly used cups of professional practitioners, replacing the bamboo, pottery and bronze cups used in earlier times. The glass cups can create strong vacuum and can add warm on the skin by burning with fire. Besides, glass cups are easy to glide on the skin by using massage oils, gels, lotions, or massage balms. However, using glass cups requires more training, and there is a risk of burning hurt as well as broken.



  • Plastic cups 

    Kang Zhu Suction Cup Set

Cups made of plastics are normally used with a pump gun, which makes it very easy and quick to create strong vacuum. Compared with glass cups, plastic cups do not need training but they are also not very well suited for glide cupping therapy since the edges are not entirely smooth and the strength of the cups is limited.


  • Silicone cups

    Silicone Massage Cupping Set (4)

The development of modern materials has made it possible to use silicone cups which are portable, pliable and unbreakable. Silicone cupping set is made of a modern material—silicone, which is soft and elastic with enough thickness for strength and suction. These cups are convenient to use and can be adapted to uneven or bony surfaces of the body due to the elasticity. A silicone cupping set contains several cups of different sizes and you can use them on almost everywhere on your body and even on your face. Silicone cups work by gently pulling tissues up and this process is like delivering a deep tissue massage. The disadvantage of silicone cups is that they usually cost a little bit more than other cupping sets.

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