Cupping therapy for kids

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While some kids are afraid of acupuncture needles, cups seem very interesting for them to play with. They are curious about cupping therapy because cups will suck on their body through negative pressure. Like one of the children described:”They are like octopus!”


Silicone Cupping cups

But cupping is not only interesting and attractive for kids; it also has a lot of benefits for kids. Some of the very general common effects are increase in kids’ height and weight, increase in appetite, increase in body strength against infection disease and reduction in behavioral disorders. These general effects are according to an investigation on 8000 files. In this investigation, 93% of the kids’ immune system is strengthened after experiencing cupping therapies.

There are also other effects that could be observed such as increase in remembering ability, increase in concentration and attention rate, increase in sleeping quality, and other benefits.

After getting to know the benefits of cupping, the question is how to do cupping therapies on kids?


Lierre-silicone-cupping-therapy-clear-silicone-massage-cupping- set

Lierre Clear Silicone Cup Set 4pcs

Therefore, more and more therapists choose to use cupping therapy for toddlers and kids. As kids’ skin is very sensitive, therapists sometimes would not use fire cupping therapy on kids to avoid high temperature. Plastic cups and silicone cups are more used for kids. Between silicone and plastic cups, we would recommend silicone cups as they are transparent and easy to adjust suction level. And two of the biggest advantages of silicone cupping sets are it is much softer and more unbreakable than plastic cups.

Cupping Area:

Back, Shoulder, Arms, Legs

Cupping Method:

  1. Stationary cupping

Put silicone cups at the area you want to do cupping and leave it for 10-15minutes. Adjust the pressure and observe the cupping area to adjust cupping time.

  1. Moving Cupping

Apply lotions and put silicone cups on the area you want to do cupping and lift the cups a little bit to glide around the cupping area.

  1. Flash Cupping

Put silicone cups at the area you want to do cupping and remove it quickly. Put silicone cups back on the skin again and remove it quickly. Repeat the above two steps several times.

Cupping is a great treatment options for kids. But if you are not sure about cupping therapy, we recommend seeing a licensed acupuncturist for this technique, as they can diagnose different issues and apply the technique safely. You can find a laval *licensed acupuncturists at
As the patients we are treating right now are kids, who are not willing to lie down on the table for 15 minutes. We recommend using fruity aroma lotions such as BAMBINOO from L’Herbier for these little patients to attract their attention and comfort them.

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