Acupuncturists are not easy!

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When students first start off learning about acupuncture, they’re usually full of nervous energy, enthusiasm, and burgeoning passion. Sooner or later, however, this enthusiasm often gives way to utter confusion, claustrophobia and even a sense of impending doom as finals roll in, or even when you’re first starting your practice: you’re on a highway without exits, and there’s no turning back!


Thought you could just put aside numbers, memorization, and all the other things you hated about school?

Ha. Haha.

Reality check: that’s almost all it is!

You started to learn TCM because you were interested in its mysterious healing power! Why is it that you have to learn so many numbers?!

When you entered into the field, you thought it was a industry without too much competition – after all, everyone would see how great you were – the truth is that you are buried on search engines!


When you started learning, you found everything is not about ancient Chinese medicine you learned them all in modern ways!!

You thought you would master TCM when you entered school, and you found that you mastered Chinese ancient philosophy instead!

The very first basic classes are about Yin, Yang and five elements! You wondering how ancient Chinese find these things?! You learned Yin deficiency, excess Yang but you don’t even have a chance to take a look at Qi!

You know Qi is flowing  – but how is it even possible for you to show it to other people?

What?! This isn’t what I signed up for!


There are infinity numbers of traditional Chinese medicine prescriptions! And they are all look the same! The ingredients look the same, the symptoms to treat is similar! However, they are different! You got to remember them all!



You cannot only practice on yourself sometimes – you have to practice on other people! You try to practice on you friends, classmates and parents! After two days, you found you do not have any of them anymore!

After you have many hours of training, you are confused! All the prescriptions, acupuncture points and symptoms are fighting with each other in your mind! Too much medicine have side effects and have effects on each other! You even want to tell your patients, do not have acupuncture and medicine any more! You will get better by yourself!!!


When patients coming in, they just show you their wrist to let to feel the pulse.

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