Acupuncture and Weight Management

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Obesity has become one of the most discussed contemporary issues in global health. Weight management is rather easy to define, since it represents a balance between caloric expenditure such as exercise, and calorie intake, but in application, it is much harder to maintain. Several attitudes, personal habits and conditions have a great influence on weight management, and the success of steps taken to attain an ideal weight. Among other factors, a sedentary lifestyle, junk food consumption and underestimation of calories all facilitate weight gain, and these three factors are all related to several very common situations in North America, such as high levels stress and unhealthy working environments.


Indeed, a given person must be very motivated to overcome the difficulties intrinsic to changing their habits. Complementary therapies can provide significant support to any individual wishing to lose weight! Acupuncture can help better manage cravings and impulses that make us overeat, or consume inadequate food. We are also more likely to experience these impulses when experiencing high levels of stress, which acupuncture can also treat. After all, acupuncture aims to restore equilibrium to the body, and imbalance often manifests itself as anxiety, tensions and weight gain. Stimulating acupuncture points promotes the production and release of endorphins in the body, a hormone that is associated with calm and pleasure and that affects the digestive system.


As with any other condition, it is important to note that acupuncture is not a magic solution to weight management problems. It is effective only if used in combination with exercise and dietary control program; however, treatment improves the chances of success of such approaches by making it easier to resist resuming one’s bad habits.

At the same time, to have a professional acupuncturist to help you with your experience is important!

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