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Fall in love with lavender!

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Lavender, lavender, lavender…!
Lierre bleu lavande tea

We’ve fallen head over heels with lavender this month! From essential oils and teas to lip balm and bath products, we’ve discovered so many ways to integrate this scent into our daily lives. Here in Québec, we’re extremely lucky to have some locally grown lavender and locally produced lavender products such as the ones offered by Bleu Lavande, a truly exceptional personal care and wellness company based in the Cantons-de-l’Est region of our province. Free of pesticides and parabens, their products reflect a genuine ethical stance – but they’re also delightful treats for the senses!

Though lavender smells lovely, we’ve also learned about a bunch of its health benefits: spike lavender essential oil, for example, is a wonderful antiseptic and analgesic – which means that it can relieve pain and help you heal. True lavender and lavender essential oils are amazing stress-busters and mood-lifters.


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